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Kava - dosage. How much can you drink?

The way kava is drunk today is hardly like traditional consumption. Where it is a cultural drink, quite little was consumed, and if larger amounts, it was usually spread over a longer period of time, even a few hours, that the meeting lasted. However, it was a recreational and cultural drink, and today the methystine pepper is most often approached in a much more pragmatic manner, so the dosage mu...

5 facts about Kava

I'm sure you know how kava works - at least that is something like that. But as a traditional drink from a corner of the world quite exotic for us, the extract of methystine pepper still has many secrets. Will knowing them in any way increase the effectiveness of the drink? Well, no, but that does not mean that it is not worth reading something interesting about this drink, which is still new in P...

The legality of Kava in Poland

The legal situation in Poland is extremely confusing, unnecessary and simply incomprehensible. And that's not all, because not so long ago it was all even stupider to do. What is the legality of kava today? What can and cannot? Where is the methystine pepper on censorship and how do you deal with this store?What is Kava for?Kava, or Piper methysticum for growth in the Western Pafiku Islands...