Kava from Samoa (2 oz - 56,7 g)

Kava from Samoa (2 oz - 56,7 g)

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General information:

Samoan kava is mostly cultivars that have a strong sedative effect. There are several of them, but in no case is there any advantage of pro-euphoric over toning.



Reach for kava from Samoa if you live under stress, want to calm down, relieve nervous tension or anxiety states. It is probably not the best recreational proposition, although the effect can vary depending on the dose.



Drink no more than a cup or two at a time, especially if this is the beginning of your kava adventure. Make a single cup by pouring a teaspoon of powdered root over half a glass of cold or lukewarm water and preparing the macerate for several minutes. Strain thoroughly and drink right away - don't wait too long, as kavalactones degrade quite quickly in contact with air.



Some of the best known Samoan kava chemotypes are 246513, 462135, and 642531. Contraindications include pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, and ongoing drug therapy with psychotropic or psychoactive agents.

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