The legality of Kava in Poland

The legality of Kava in Poland

The legal situation in Poland is extremely confusing, unnecessary and simply incomprehensible. And that's not all, because not so long ago it was all even stupider to do. What is the legality of kava today? What can and cannot? Where is the methystine pepper on censorship and how do you deal with this store?

What is Kava for?

Kava, or Piper methysticum for growth in the Western Pafiku Islands. The mild psychoactive effect of ensuring that the pacific educational region will be aquatic, with which it will be associated, will apply as a recreational and ritualistic attempt.

Extracts containing kavalactones are due to the effect of having a subtle effect on cognitive functions. Make their preparation for the preparation of materials, preparation for the preparation of short fragments of stems. Nervous system made on a personalized basis, different from the answer, method and manner of preparation.

Where did kava come from in Poland?

The popularization of the Pacific island culture resulted in kava being discovered fairly quickly. Anyway, the resolution of the quality issue that the kava was described under properties already by Cpt. Cook. Of course, this one did not provide a list of active substances, because this was only dealt with for good in the first twentieth century. Money for sale, Southeast Asia and North America, global progress, but still to Poland.

Today, it is in acquiring quality that has proved to be a good solution - for people who have chosen legal and safe, which you can pronounce better take a rest either. And since it is not difficult to find a lot of advice online, it soon turned out that kava is doing better in this field than legal, semi-legal and non-legal solutions.

The legality of Kava in Poland - then and today 

Let's start with the fact that in 2009, kava was included in the list of banned substances in Poland - we were the only EU country that ignored all research results and prohibited the possession, purchase or consumption of any amount of plants, dried or kava extracts. Cited were interactions following the consumption of alcohol, antidepressants, and questionable links with liver disease (later also justified by more complex drug interactions). Somewhere there were accusations of visual impairment and other effects that could not be confirmed.

Seven years later, this condition slowly began to change, because the GIS recommended that kava be deleted from the list of narcotic drugs. Yes, it has been proven to work, the plant has potential to act, but it is neither addictive nor harmful. As a law, these recommendations were introduced only on August 21, 2018 (removal from the I-N list). In practice, this means that kava is legal.

But but! We are in Poland and Poland is a strange country. So while kava has no problems, and a drink containing a lot of active substances can be drunk normally, kava cannot be legally traded. However, nothing prevents you from bringing it from abroad. It's a strange deal, but kava isn't the only drug that has been regulated in such a bizarre, not to say silly, way.

Kava? That's what we're here for!

Since kava is no longer on the register of banned substances and drugs, you can enjoy its properties. However, remember that not every methistine pepper product is equally potent and safe. If you want access to top-rated blends of noble kava varieties, safely processed and giving the best results without disturbing side effects - choose something from our store. We know kava like no other and we will be happy to help you achieve blissful peace or greater creativity. Buy whatever kava is right for you. It's legal and it's helpful. We will make sure that you receive the highest quality product.