Kava from Tonga (2 oz - 56,7 g)

Kava from Tonga (2 oz - 56,7 g)

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General information:

Tonga Kava is fairly uniform in action, although there are many cultivars that stand out. They are mostly macerates with a strong pro-euphoric and only slightly calming effect.



Try Tonga kava if you are cheerful and want to experiment with recreational drinks. Kava from Tonga is not an agent that will help in states of low mood, but if you want to break your party shyness, it can help you.



The dosage of Tonga kava does not differ from the general recommendations: start with a single cup, and if the dose is too small, wait a dozen to several dozen minutes and drink another one. The maximum dose will vary slightly depending on the kavalactone tolerance and the strength of the macerate. Do not exceed a few cups a day. Macerate the root for about 15 minutes in cold or cool water with the addition of a little coconut oil, drain very thoroughly on a cloth and try to drink immediately after preparation.



Tonga Kava is a collective name that includes several different chemotypes. The most common are 624531 and 264531. This drink cannot be taken during treatment with psychotropic drugs, during pregnancy and lactation, or in the case of liver disease.

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