Kava from Vanuatu (9 oz - 255,15 g)

Kava from Vanuatu (9 oz - 255,15 g)

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General information:

Vanuatu Kava is, in fact, a wide variety of products with different potencies. The most popular cultivars are those that are pro-euphoric, although the calming effect is usually quite pronounced.



Reach for kava from Vanuatu if you want an infusion with great relaxation potential. It is a great replacement for popular party drinks. A slightly weaker infusion will effectively improve your mood without the euphoria effect, while a stronger one - will not calm you down, but will add a lot of energy.



Kava from Vanuatu is recommended to be taken in small doses - one or two cups at a time, while during a party lasting several hours, you can drink a little more in total. It is important to press the extract very carefully through the fabric and to recover the maximum amount of kavalactones. The extraction time should be short: 10-12 minutes, rarely up to a quarter of an hour. A drink left in the air for a long time may lose some of its potency.



Vanuatu kava chemotypes are abundant. Some of them are 426315, 425316, 234651 or 625341. You need to try at least a few of them, preferably from different groups, to see how they work. Never drink kava if you are on psychiatric medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a liver problem.

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