Kava from Fiji (4 oz - 113,4 g)

Kava from Fiji (4 oz - 113,4 g)

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General information:

Fijian kava is primarily a strong loa waka - one of the strongest types of kava you can buy. However, it gives a nice, balanced effect: it does not cause great euphoria, but it calms down well and gently lifts the spirit.



Fijian kava is worth reaching for when you want to regain some energy for life and forget about stressful situations. This is a variant that - drunk early enough - will allow you to sleep well throughout the night, and wake up in the morning with enough energy for the whole day.



Fijian Kava can be used in the amount of 2-3 cups, but we strongly recommend starting this pleasure with a smaller amount. For many people, just one serving will give a strong enough effect. The extract is prepared for a quarter of an hour in cool water - it is worth drinking it quite quickly after preparing it and impressing it on the fabric, because then it has the strongest effect.



The most common Fiji kava chemotype is 245631 and 463251, less often 246513. In terms of action, the second cultivar is the strongest. Kava should not be used during pregnancy and lactation or combined with psychotropic drugs. Do not drink in case of liver diseases.

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